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The Body Online is an anthropology research lab dedicated to qualitative and mixed-method inquiry and public applications in health, medicine, technology, and the body. We collaborate with local and international partners on ethnographic research, digital storytelling, medical humanities, mixed method and multimodal assessment, healthcare systems research, and culturally responsive design. Our interests and funded projects range from adolescent mental health and school health, to cancer health and treatment communication, immigrant and refugee health, and end of life care.


Across projects, we are interested in the social and political life of medicine, including ideas about wellness, friendship, mutual concern, futurity, precarity, violence, biopolitics, and health. How do social ideologies and power affect how care is organized? How is care made possible--or not--in particular settings (clinics, social media, schools, national health systems)? What role do individuals play in the production or disruption of normative ideas about self, health, work, labor, rights, or wellness? What new epistemological or political possibilities emerge? Our lab is interested in the lived experience and social organization of diverse bodies, cultures, and identities in health and healthcare.


Please reach out if you want to connect about the lab or have questions for our members! 

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