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2020 TBO Summer Collective

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Hosted online in June to August 2020, TBOSC brought together participants from Middlebury College and the University of Toronto to work on a series of digital study projects. To spark interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-stage mentoring, participants ranged from second year undergrads to alumni and graduate anthropology and medical students. Bi-weekly meetings offered a place to engage in group distilleries and labs. Participants looked at a range of situations—from BLM and justice organizing in Afro-Latino communities in Brazil to BIPOC rootwork and spiritual activism online; from the implications of COVID-19 for medical education in Toronto to online psychiatric advocacy in NYC; and from GenZ humor as a mode of political strategy to digital protest among Pakistani Instagram influencers. The collective wrapped on August 21 with the publication of short write-ups (see Projects). Most members plan to also continue with longer range projects in 2020-21.

Participants included Emma Bernstein, Kayla Buchanan, Amun Chaudhury, Natasha Cuneo, Modele Kuforiji, Claire Martens, Anneliese Mills, Jaya Singh, Courtney Tillman, Katie van der Merwe, and Anna Wood.

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